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Frequently Asked Questions - Household & Business Customers

This section contains answers to common queries for Household & Business customers.

Household Customers 


Who is responsible for the water pipe in my property?

Scottish Water's website provides information on pipework responsilibty.

I am served by a Private Water Supply, can I connect to Scottish Water's network?

Households may choose to connect to the public supply network at their own expense and Scottish Water will make a reasonable cost contribution towards the costs of the project.  The contribution is stipulated in the Reasonable Cost Regulations and is worth some £1500 per domestic property.  Further information on connections to the public supply can be obtained from Scottish Water.

Who do I contact if I observe flooding?

Information on flooding responsibilities can be found here.

What do I do if I have an odour complaint?

Odour from wastewater treatment plants is a matter for Local Authorities and SEPA to regulate.  If you have concerns you should contact Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778.

Can I install a water meter at my home?

Household water meters can be installed at the owner's expense.  Information about water meters can be obtained from Scottish Water here.

How do I pay for services?

Household water and sewerage charges are normally collected with your Council Tax.  Charges are set by reference to the council tax band of your property.

Will Scottish Water be privatised?

There is no plan to privatise Scottish Water at this time.  Scottish Water is performing well as a publicly owned corporation; evidence of its performance is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Scottish Water is matching the levels of service provided by the companies in England and Wales whilst ensuring that the average household charge in 2015-16 is £39 lower.

Scottish Water will remain in the public sector and continue to operate in the interests of its customers, the people of Scotland.


Business Customers


How do I apply for the water and sewerage charges Exemption Scheme?

Application forms should be obtained from your Licensed Provider.  Details on the scheme can be found here.

How do I change my Licensed Provider?

Information on the process and a list of licensed providers can be found here.

What do I do if I suspect a leak?

If there’s a water leak between the boundary of your property and your meter, it’s generally your responsibility to fix it. Outside your boundary, Scottish Water are responsible.  You should contact your licensed provider who will assist you in detecting the leak.

My property is vacant, will I be charged?

Yes, all vacant properties will be charged for services from 1 April 2017.  Further information can be found here.