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CoSLA Regulatory Forum

Local Authority Regulatory Services

The Scottish Government works with local authorities and other regulatory agencies to improve the regulatory and enforcement environment for businesses in Scotland.

COSLA's Regulatory Forum held its first meeting in February 2010 in response to the identification of the need for a group to provide a strategic overview across the range of regulatory services for which local authorities and their partner organisations have responsibility. The range of service areas covered is extensive, as is the list of responsibilities and areas of work within each of the services - hence the emphasis on a group that operates at strategic level.

Outcomes sought from the Group's activities include:

The promotion of a consistent approach to regulation across Scotland;

  • A smoothing of the interface with those organisations affected by regulatory requirements which are recognised as being daunting to those outwith the local government community;
  • Better and more efficient use of regulatory resources
  • Early identification and resolution of any emerging issues
  • Consideration of the implications for the services of the changing economic climate
  • Dissemination of good practice

For more information, contact the SG Better Regulation team at BetterRegulation@gov.scot