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Scottish Business Pledge

The Scottish Business Pledge

SBPThe Scottish Business Pledge is a voluntary commitment by companies in Scotland to adopt fair and progressive business practices in support of our shared ambition to improve business competitiveness and productivity while tackling inequalities.

Through this collaborative approach the Pledge provides a mechanism to recognise and celebrate the achievements and ambition of businesses operating in Scotland.

In return, the public sector will help them achieve their own business objectives and contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth across the country.

The Scottish Business Pledge has nine components.
  • Paying the living wage
  • Committing to an innovation programme
  • Pursuing international business opportunities
  • Not using exploitative zero hours contracts
  • Supporting progressive workplace policies
  • Supporting Invest in Youth
  • Making progress on gender balance and diversity in the workforce and boardroom
  • Playing an active role in the community
  • Paying suppliers promptly.

To make their Business Pledge a company has to be paying the Living Wage, already delivering at least two other elements and committed to achieving the rest over time.  

Making your Pledge

The Pledge is voluntary and there is no obligation or requirement for businesses to sign up to it in order to gain access to business support programmes. However, there are strong business reasons why embracing the principles of fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation make sense for individual companies – as well as Scotland’s society and economy. 

For more information on each of the Pledge commitments and on how you can make your Pledge please visit: www.scottishbuisnesspledge.scot

The Pledge Wall

If you want to know which businesses have already made their Pledge please visit the Pledge Wall. You can also find out what businesses have to say about the Pledge on Twitter using #ScotBizPledge.