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The Executive encourages people to consider coming to live and work in Scotland, as well as supporting efforts to retain indigenous people who wish to begin, or to further, their careers in this country.

Jack McConnell in Edinburgh

First Minister Jack McConnell made a speech in Edinburgh on September 24, 2003, outlining his practical ideas for offering help and support to people considering relocating.

A new one-stop advisory service is to be established during 2004 to create a fast, tailored service that makes Scotland not just the easiest choice for fresh talent, but the most attractive.

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In a speech on November 24, 2003, on Scotland's role in the global economy he reinforced his view that people should regard Scotland not just as a place to visit, but as a place to live and work.

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Mr McConnell in a speech earlier in 2003 explained that attracting more people to Scotland would have the twin benefits of helping the country's economic performance and adding to the diversity of the population.

He said:

"Scotland has a long tradition of welcoming new people, just as huge numbers of Scots have been made welcome in other countries across the world, in which they have settled and thrived.

"We are determined to continue and further improve on this tradition. Scotland must be seen as a safe, welcoming place, wherever new residents come from.

"And we want Scotland to be remembered by those who have departed in a positive light. We are already doing a lot to make sure this is so. We are leading on the vision of the sort of open and tolerant Scotland we would like to see"

The Executive has set up an implementation team to develop policy proposals on 'Fresh Talent' over the coming months. Updates will be posted on our website.

If you are interested in living and working in Scotland, a list of websites and contact details for relevant organisations that might help.

Scotland has its own national careers information, advice and guidance service offering help with career choices to all those living in Scotland, or looking to move here.

Other websites offering information about jobs include:

images of Scottish landmarksReturn to Scotland

Careers at Scotsman.com

Scottish Appointments

Scottish job and recruitment opportunities

Inside Scotland recruitment

Public Sector careers

Monsterscotland career network

Talent Scotland



S1 Jobs.com

Interested in further and higher educational opportunities in Scotland?

Go to learndirect scotland

Or try the British Council

Immigration to Scotland, and the issuing of work permits, are matters dealt with by the UK government, rather than the Executive.

Go to the Home Office website

Specific queries regarding work permits are dealt with by Work Permits (UK), part of the Home Office.

Work Permits (UK)
Customer Relations Team C
E5, Moorefoot
United Kingdom
S1 4PQ

Telephone +44 114 2594074 (9am-5pm weekdays)

Finally, make a start with a virtual visit to Scotland on the visitscotland website and see what the country has to offer.

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