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Eumis - The European Structural Funds IT System



What is EUMIS?

EUMIS is the IT system developed by the Scottish Government to support the monitoring and implementation of the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 programmes. The EUMIS IT system is built around the principle of agreed Strategic Interventions and Operations.


Why has it been developed / what does it do?

EUMIS is a platform for data exchange, data interrogation and reporting, and for assessing data to monitor the implementation of the programmes on an ongoing basis. Programme partners will also be able to monitor progress based on their defined roles as either a Lead Partner responsible for an entire Strategic Intervention or as the Delivery Agent of an individual Operation.

A web-based interface will allow Lead Partners to upload progress such as participants and final beneficiaries, and their associated outcomes.

Guidance on EUMIS applications, claims and setting milestones is now available.

The specification for the Web Service Interface is also available to download. The specification document sets out the data required for Lead Partners to upload outputs and results against activity. Some outputs and results in EUMIS have had to be abbreviated and a spreadsheet is available to identify those relevant to specific Strategic Interventions. The table also shows how they appear on the EUMIS system.



Once the Managing Authority has received the signed acceptance of the Offer of Grant, Portfolio and Compliance Managers will be in touch with Lead Partners to agree the steps set out below. This will allow Strategic Interventions and Operations to be added to the EUMIS system.

  • Confirm the Strategic Intervention Manager (SIM) for EUMIS. The Strategic Intervention Manager will be responsible for ensuring all data is uploaded and that claims are submitted on a regular basis.

  • Confirm a named contact for the Lead Partner. A number of Strategic Interventions may be linked to one Lead Partner. Each Lead Partner can only have one bank account for payments for all SIs. If the bank account is changed, please note that it will be changed for all SI claim payments. The named contact will be responsible for sharing any required information for all SIs.

  • The claims schedule. There is no enforced claims schedule within EUMIS. However, the Portfolio and Compliance Manager will look to agree the timing and frequency of claims for each SI. Additional claims can be made with the agreement of the Managing Authority, and the Managing Authority has the authority to ask a Lead Partner to submit a claim at additional points if this is required.

  • Set and agree milestones for each Operation. Milestones will be defined by the activity being undertaken and will allow the Managing Authority to track spending and progress towards outcomes. Milestones do not need to be fully met in order to make a claim. Please see the attached guidance on the setting of milestones.

Once the next steps have been agreed with the Managing Authority, the Portfolio and Compliance Manager will provide the Strategic Intervention Manager with information to enable access to EUMIS.

Guidance on adding Strategic Interventions and Operations is available in the Help section of the EUMIS system. Portfolio and Compliance Managers will be available to provide additional support to enable applications to be added to the EUMIS system.



When will the Web Interface be available?
  • The Web Interface is currently being tested and a release date will be issued shortly.
If EUMIS detects an error with one or more record in an upload, will the other records still be processed or will they all be rejected?
  • The upload will complete and a message providing details of all records unable to be uploaded due to errors will be provided.
Will EUMIS accept updates as a file submission after the original participant submission, for example to fix original keying errors? 
  • The Web Interface document provides information about which data fields can be updated to the Web Interface. The data fields can be updated manually until the point when a participant/business/entity is linked to a claim. Once the link to a claim is made, it will not be possible to amend all participant/business data.
  • If errors have been made, the Managing Authority will require the correct data as only the Managing Authority can make any necessary changes.
Can participants belong to more than one Operation?
  • EUMIS will allow a participant/business to be in multiple Operations.
Will the National Insurance field accept non-National Insurance numbers?

Yes but only if this is formally agreed by the Managing Authority. Once an individual has a National Insurance number, the Managing Authority should be informed so that records can be updated. The National Insurance field cannot be updated by the Lead Partner once the record is linked to a claim.



If you have any questions about EUMIS please contact the system administrator at eumis@gov.scot