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Assessing Eligibility and How to Apply

Who is Eligible for Funding?

The 2014-2020 ERDF and ESF programmes in Scotland operates two funding types - Strategic Interventions (SIs) and Operations.

Strategic Interventions are large-scale amounts of funding structured around specific themes. The SIs enable fundign to be strategically target in niche areas to maximise the long-term benefits delivered through ERDF and ESF investments. 

To secure SI funding Lead Partners must demonstrate that funds will only support activity aligned with the strategic SI aims. They must also demonstrate that they have the capacity to manage a multi-million pound budget in accordance with EC regulations.

At the Operation application stage, the large-scale SI funds are divided into smaller amounts known as Operations. Lead Partners have to provide further details of how funding will support only activity aligned to the SI aims to secure funding at the Operation level. 

Once an Operation application is approved by the Managing Authority, Lead Partners are responsible for distributing the funds to organisations seeking support to deliver projects and services aligned to the SI aims. 

Further information about SI and Operation applications is available in the guidance documents.


How do I apply?

All organisations seeking funding must apply directly to the relevant Lead Partner.

Before applying for funding organisations must:

1. Determine which Strategic Intervention the activity you propose to deliver aligns with.

2. Check whether the SI and Operations have been approved by the Managing Authority, and that the Lead Partner is currently accepting applications. This can be done by checking the SI page for updates and Lead Partner contact details.

3. Contact the Lead Partner for an application form and for further information on eligibility criteria.

The application for funding should be submitted to the Lead Partner and it will be for the Lead Partner to determine whether it is eligible for support. The Lead Partner is also responsible for issuing payments for individual projects and services.

ESIF Application Process

Email futurefunds2020@gov.scot for general enquiries about European Structural and Investment Funds.