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What is SEEKIT?

The SEEKIT programme aims to encourage new and improved productive knowledge transfer activities between small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and the Scottish public sector science base. Applications are invited from public bodies, such as Universities and Research Institutes.

The scheme is not prescriptive and it will support a wide range of knowledge transfer/outreach activities. However, all project proposals must show that the project will improve the science base partner's ability to work effectively with Scottish based SMEs and will ultimately result in positive competitive benefits to local businesses.

The key objectives of the new programme are:

  • to help effect wealth creation from the science base;
  • to increase the competitiveness of SMEs through their engagement with the science base; and
  • improve the flow of productive knowledge transfer from Universities to businesses.
  • increase the amount of business spend on research and development.

Details of SEEKIT projects supported by financial year are available:

Financial Year 2004/05

Financial Year 2005/06

Financial Year 2006/07

Financial Year 2007/08

Financial Year 2008/09 (to 31 Aug 2008)

Electronic versions of the application forms and guidance notes are available as follows:

General Information

Grant Application Guidance Notes

Application Forms

Contact details are available if you would like further information on the SEEKIT programme or would like to meet a representative from the Scottish Government.