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Careers Scotland

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Careers Scotland offers a range of careers guidance, employability and information services to enable individuals of all ages to maximise their career potential. Careers Scotland provides individuals with the following services:

Careers guidance and advice on:
  • Choosing a career;
  • Changing jobs;
  • Education and training;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Voluntary work.
Information on:
  • The job market in an area;
  • The job market elsewhere;
  • Trends/changes in the jobmarket;
  • How skills can transfer from one sector to another;
  • Vacancies;
  • Local networks;
  • Training and education programmes;
  • Signposting to other agencies.
Practical assistance in applying for work:
  • Completing application forms;
  • Interview techniques;
  • Searching for work on the web, in the press;
  • Preparing a CV.
Contact details: