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Science engagement

Taking science from the lab to the public

'Science engagement' activities help make science more accessible to people across Scotland. They can take place in science centres, museums, festivals, schools, on the street or through the media, including the internet. Across Scotland there are lots of opportunities to find out more about science, engineering and technology and the impact they have on our everyday lives.

They could include

  • debates where members of the public can hear about the latest research on topical issues;
  • science activities taking the 'wow' factor to school science lessons; and
  • projects that encourage families to explore science together.

The organisations and initiatives below receive funding from the Scottish Government.

Science Centres in our largest cities, visited by over 600,000 people every year:

Satrosphere Science Centre in Aberdeen   Dundee Science Centre Sensation
Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh   Glasgow Science Centre


Scottish Science Festivals: Funding supports events across Scotland.