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February 2011 Agenda

Financial Services Advisory Board (FiSAB) - 23 February 2011 10.30-13.00

Royal Bank of Scotland, 35 St Andrews Square, Edinburgh,

(followed by Networking Lunch until 13.30)


1. Welcome, introduction and apologies for absence (5 minutes)

2. Chairman's remarks (30 minutes)

Short remarks and discussion on issues of note since the last meeting from both Chair and Industry Deputy Chair.

3. Note of previous meeting and Matters Arising (30 minutes)

No comments received on note of last meeting. Matters Arising from the meeting are listed at Annex A. Updates will be provided on the following issues:

No 1: Attendance Constraints Mark Tennant will lead a short discussion on the issue of providing substitutes.

No 3: Micro Finance Update paper issued prior to the meeting Magnus Swanson will provide a short update.

No 4: SE ICT Paper Lena Wilson will provide a short update on progress.

4. FiSAB Annual Report (15 minutes)

Aileen McKechnie will provide a short update on the completion of the 2010 - 2011 Annual Report and plans for publication. Members are asked to agree to publication of the FiSAB Annual Report.

5. Finance Sector Jobs Taskforce (15 minutes)

The Chairman of the Finance Sector Jobs Taskforce, Jim Watson, Scottish Enterprise will advise on the progress of the Taskforce, the main issues being tackled and outline the work required going forward. Members will be invited to discuss.

6. Financial Services Skills Gateway (20 minutes)

David Thorburn, Chair of the Employers Council of the Skills Gateway, will advise on progress of the Gateway initiative, including the skills demand statement, the link between the Gateway and Scotland's universities and the link with the business schools. Members will be invited to discuss.

7. Current Issues (40 minutes)

Scottish Investment Bank

Gerard Kelly, head of the Scottish Investment Bank, Scottish Enterprise, will present detail of the proposed Scottish Investment Bank. Members will be invited to discuss.

8. AOB

FiSAB Secretariat

February 2011