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Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy

Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy sets out our vision is for a strong labour market that drives inclusive, sustainable economic growth, characterised by growing, competitive businesses, high employment, a skilled population capable of meeting the needs of employers, and where fair work is central to improving the lives of individuals and their families.

Link to the Strategy publication – www.gov.scot/labourmarketstats

An Analysis of Scotland’s Labour Market

This paper provides evidence on Scotland’s labour market performance to inform the five strategic outcomes set out in Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy, identifying the key strengths and challenges for achieving inclusive growth through the labour market in Scotland.  It also sets out the broad macroeconomic context and key drivers of Scotland’s labour market and examines recent structural changes.  

Evidence Paper

Downloadable document:

Title:Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy
Description:Scotland’s labour market
File:An Analysis of Scotland's Labour Market [PDF, 1993.1 kb: 25 Aug 2016]
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