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Food Processing Marketing and Co-Operation Grants

Food Processing Marketing and Co-operation Grant Scheme

Update - May 2015

The new Food Processing Marketing and Co-operation Grant Scheme was launched by Richard Lochhead on 14 May 2015. The scheme will run until the end of 2020. At present only applications for capital investment projects are being accepted. Application forms for Non-capital and Co-operation projects will be available later in 2015.

Full guidance and the application form can be found on the Rural Payments Portal.

Update - May 2014

Food Processing Marketing and Co-operation (FPMC) grant scheme

The FPMC grant scheme (2007-13) is now closed.

Work is underway on the successor scheme that will be part of the new Scotland Rural Development Programme (2014-20).  The draft SRDP is in preparation and will be submitted to the European Commission during summer 2014.  It is envisaged that, following discussion with the Commission, the new SRDP will be approved to allow a 1 January 2015 launch.  It is not possible at the current time to confirm whether applications for FPMC support can be accepted earlier than the launch date so, and until advised otherwise, potential applicants should plan on the basis that the scheme will open to bids at the start of 2015.

Marketing Development Scheme (MDS)

The MDS budget for 2014-15 is fully committed and the scheme is, consequently, closed to new applications.  The situation will be kept under review as the year progresses.  If additional funds are identified it may be possible to re-open the scheme to new bids.  

This page will be updated when required.  Meantime, any questions about either FPMC or MDS should be directed to 0300 244 9288.

Update - August 2013

The latest round of Food Processing and Marketing awards was announced by Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead on 21 June.


Food Processing Marketing and Co-operation – taking account of existing commitments the FPMC budget for the 2007-13 programming period is now exhausted.  Consequently, the scheme is closed to new applications. Whilst work is ongoing on the successor scheme – which will form part of the new Scotland Rural Development Programme  (SRDP) (2014-20) the necessary European legislation will not be in place in time to allow the new SRDP to come into force in January 2014.

We continue to press the EC to roll over the whole of the current SRDP for a transition year in 2014.  This would allow FPMC to be able to access new programme funds ahead of the formal approval of the next SRDP.  More information on the SRDP (2014-20) is available via the following link


It is possible – although unlikely – that additional funds may become available to the FPMC scheme through emerging project slippage/underspend/decommitment.  In such circumstances it may be possible to accept new bids and we would consider and publicise in advance the specific criteria that would apply to such applications.  Critically, project sponsors would have to demonstrate an ability to deliver their projects within the period specified by us – and to be able to draw-down grant within agreed parameters.

Marketing Development Scheme – this scheme is 100% supported through national funds and is currently closed to new applications due to the budget being fully committed for 2013-14 and 2014-15.  The position will be reviewed if additional funds are made available to the scheme in 2014-15.

Potential applicants (FPMC/MDS) should monitor this website which will be updated as the funding position becomes clearer.  You may also wish to speak with a member of Food Grants Team using the contact details provided.

Other potential sources of funding/advice may be obtained by contacting Scottish Enterprise/Highlands & Islands Enterprise or Business Gateway.

Update - April 2013
Applications already submitted

Applicants who submitted their project details by the January 2013 deadline should be aware that the assessment process is ongoing and  that the projects will be considered by the National Project Assessment Committee (NPAC) when it next meets on 8 May 2013.  Funding recommendations will thereafter be provided to Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead, for consideration.  It is expected that applicants will be informed of the outcome of their bids before the end of May 2013.

The last deadline produced a large number of applications with a total value of grant exceeding by a considerable margin the funds currently available to the FPMC scheme.  Applicants should therefore be aware that not all bids can be supported and those that are recommended for approval may not, ultimately, be offered an award equivalent to the amount of grant sought.  As a competitive scheme in its final year this is inevitable.  The assessment process is designed to ensure that projects which receive support are those that best meet the aims of the scheme.  It should however be recognised that some projects which, in a different funding-environment, might otherwise have been assisted may fail to secure an offer of grant.

Potential applicants

Potential applicants should be aware that at this time we cannot confirm if the scheme can remain open to new applications.  This is because of ongoing uncertainties over the availability of funding.  What can be confirmed is that the provisional 17 May 2013 deadline for new bids set out in the table below should be disregarded.

Work is ongoing to establish if additional funds can be made available to allow us to open the scheme but for the moment you should be aware that the FPMC funding measure is temporarily suspended.

Food processing businesses and other potential applicants should contact the Food Grants Team (0300 244 9143) for further information.  This page will be further updated once the funding position is clearer.

Update – September 2012

  • Updated Guidance:

Updated FPMC guidance along with updated claim guidance and claim forms are available now. For further queries please contact the Food Grants Team on 0300-244-9143 or email pmgenquiries@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

  • Grant timetable:

 We can now confirm the timetable for the next, and subsequent, rounds of FPMC applications:

Application submission deadline


25 January 2013 *

End April 2013

17 May 2013 * (to be confirmed)

Mid August 2013

Applicants should ensure that all supporting documentation they wish to have considered as part of their application is provided by the dates above

Please note that applications received after the submission deadline will not be considered at the subsequent NPAC. Similarly, we cannot guarantee that all applications received by the submission deadline will necessarily be considered at the relevant NPAC, as the time taken to assess individual applications can vary depending on their complexity. We shall, however, continue to work closely with applicants and/or their representatives to ensure that applications are processed as efficiently as possible.

  • Alcohol related projects

The Cabinet Secretary has agreed that alcohol-related applications may now be considered by the NPAC, which, of course, makes funding recommendations to him.

Consequently, we are now able to accept such applications which will be assessed, like all other funding bids, against the established scheme criteria.  Please be aware, however, that the Cabinet Secretary has asked, in addition to the standard grant conditions, that successful applicants will be asked to agree to additional conditions of grant, which can be found in the updated scheme guidance.

Food Grants Team - Friday, March 2, 2012

Scheme Background

The Food Processing Marketing and Co-Operation Scheme was launched in March 2008. The scheme is part of Scotland's Rural Development Programme and will run until 2013. The scheme covers agricultural produce only, full details of the scheme for fisheries and aquaculture produce are available from the fisheries grant section.

The scheme is competitive and includes three elements:

Capital Grants

Provides for assistance towards the construction of buildings and purchase of plant and equipment.

Non-capital Grants

Provides for assistance with a range of projects including market research and consultancy, product development and consumer education material.

Co-operation Grants

Provides for support to aid co-operation, collaboration and development within the food chain.