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Good Food Nation Fund 2016/17

The Good Food Nation Fund 2016/17 is open from 29 August 2016.

The Scottish Government invites applications to our Good Food Nation Fund. The fund offers financial support to the vision and objectives of our national food policy ‘Good Food Nation’ (farming and fishing are an inherent part of food policy).

‘Our aspiration is that Scotland is a Good Food Nation, a country where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they produce, buy, serve, and eat day by day.’

The five key objectives of Good Food Nation policy are:

  1. Social Justice

  2. Health

  3. Environmental Sustainability

  4. Prosperity

  5. Knowledge

The fund will support one or more winning applications that:

  • contribute to delivery of two or more of the Good Food Nation five objectives.
  • support one or more of the following ‘Becoming a Good Food Nation’ priorities of public sector food, children’s food, local food, good food choices. 
  • help build the Good Food Nation movement .
  • are aligned with other key Scottish Government policies including the Future of Scottish Agriculture, if schools-based, the Curriculum for Excellence and Better Eating Better Learning, if health based, Supporting healthy choices.

The deadline for applications is Friday 23 September 2016. Download the form below to apply.

Good Food Nation Fund 2016/17

Downloadable document:

Title:Good Food Nation Fund 2016/17
Description:Good Food Nation Fund 2016/17
File:Good Food Nation Fund 2016/17 Guidance and Application Form [DOCX, 532.0 kb: 29 Aug 2016]
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