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Good Food Nation

National Food and Drink Policy for Scotland

The next phase of Scotland’s ‘National Food and Drink Policy; Becoming a Good Food Nation’, highlights the successes of Scotland’s first food and drink Policy; Recipe for Success, whilst recognising the continuing challenges within Scotland’s food and drink sector. Becoming a Good Food Nation recognises the need to move towards a healthier, resilient and sustainable food system.

It also articulates a new aspiration, that Scotland should become a Good Food Nation, a Land of Food and Drink not only in what we as a nation produce but also in what we buy, serve and eat. The Scottish Government wants food to be a key part of what makes the people of Scotland proud of their country - food which is both tasty to eat and nutritious, fresh and environmentally sustainable.

This is a big undertaking. It will not happen overnight.

Good Food Nation - Our Vision:

‘Our aspiration is that Scotland is a Good Food Nation, a country where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they buy, serve, and eat day by day. This will require a step change and mean that:

  • It is the norm for Scots to take a keen interest in their food, knowing what constitutes good food, valuing  it and seeking it out whenever they can.
  • People who serve and sell food – from schools to hospitals, retailers, cafes and restaurants – are committed to serving and selling good food.
  • Everyone in Scotland has ready access to the healthy, nutritious food they need.
  • Dietary-related diseases are in decline, as is the environmental impact of our food consumption.
  • Scottish producers ensure that what they produce is increasingly healthy and environmentally sound
  • Food companies are a thriving feature of the economy and places where people want to work.
  • Other countries look to Scotland to learn how to become a Good Food Nation.’

Analysis of the responses to Becoming A Good Food Nation

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To contact a member of the Good Food Nation team please e-mail GoodFoodNation@gov.scot