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FREDS Micro Hydro Group

Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland

There is a continued interest in smaller hydro schemes and an opportunity has been identified in the 2008 FREDS Hydro Resource Study which suggests there is the potential for up to 657MW of economically viable small scale hydro to be exploited in Scotland.

Given the potential for small scale schemes, it was identified that there is scope for a new industry-based group to focus on micro-hydro and to build on the legacy of the FREDS Hydro Group.

The FREDS Micro Hydro Sub Group will oversee and coordinate delivery of the Route-Map for Hydro which is contained in the recently published Renewable Action Plan.

The following information on the FREDS Micro Hydro Sub Group is available:


  • 2nd Meeting - 9 March 2010


  • 3rd Meeting - 29 June 2010



  • 4th Meeting - 12 November 2010