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National Review of Town Centres

Town Centre Action Plan

The Scottish Government received the report and recommendations from the External Advisory Group assembled to take forward a national review of town centres. In response to the Town Centre review the Scottish Government published the Town Centre Action plan on 7 November. This sets out the a cross-government response to the External Advisory Group report Community and Enterprise in Scotland’s Town Centres. In preparing this action plan, care has been taken to reflect the themed structure and succinct and direct tone of the original document. Active engagement has been sought across directorates, identifying the relevant policies, programmes and strategies which support and put in place the conditions for the recommendations of the EAG to be delivered locally and to assist local action.

Town Centre Trading

Town Centre Trading

While the national review of town centres was underway, a series of interviews were conducted with traders, entrepreneurs and business people, each asked to talk about what attracts them to operate their business from town centres and the benefits of keeping things local.

Town Centre Traders