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Town Centre Regeneration

Town centres are an important element of the economic and social fabric of Scotland. Support for town centres forms a key part of the regeneration vision and supporting outcomes.  Town centres can be a central component of successful local economies, offering a base for small business and jobs and often being at the core of community life.

The Scottish Government launched The Town Centre Action Plan in November 2013. This is a cross-government response to the recommendations of the national review of town centres and includes actions designed to support their revitalisation and to assist local action towards achieving this. The town centre review report, published 21 June 2013, can be found here.

We published the Town Centre Action Plan – One Year On, in November 2014.

We published the Town Centre Action Plan – Two Years On, in February 2016.

The Town Centre First Principle which underpins the action plan was announced by the Minister for Local Government and Planning on 9 July, in agreement with COSLA.  This principle puts the health of town centres at the heart of decision making and encourages vibrancy, equality and diversity.

Many of our town centres have empty properties that are no longer in use and blight our high streets. To tackle this, the £2.75 million Town Centre Housing Fund will see empty town centre properties brought back into use as affordable housing.


08 January 2015