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Mixed and Sustainable Communities

The Mixed and Sustainable Communities Learning Network is a cross-Government initiative that supports people involved in regeneration to improve the way in which mixed communities are created and managed throughout Scotland. The network gives practical advice to organisations and individuals working at a local level.

The network has been developed by the Scottish Centre for Regeneration. It responds to needs expressed by those in the built and physical environment, those working on housing issues, and others working to tackle poverty, poor health and create better employment opportunities.

Please view our members' guide and leaflet for more information.

How will it work?

Joining and using the learning network's services is free.

The website's resources include:

  • research and evidence
  • How to Guides, online learning programmes and skills assessment tools
  • good practice case studies from Scotland and elsewhere
  • publications, briefings and learning points setting out lessons learned from programmes and events

A dedicated coordinator will work closely with network members to:

  • identify the problems the learning network should tackle
  • collect good practice, evidence of what works and details of people and organisations who have experience in tackling these problems
  • share what has worked, through our website, by organising events that show good practice, and managing interactive online networking
  • support people to build their capacity through developing tailored programmes examining specific problems
  • commission or develop new tools, resources and research where members think there is a gap
  • measure and improve the effectiveness of the learning network

What will the learning network focus on?

It focuses on helping share lessons and learning that helps people deliver the Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative (SSCI), the aims of Firm Foundations and the modernisation of the planning system. In particular, it supports activities aimed at:

  • creating well-designed, sustainable places where we are able to access amenities and services we need
  • creating strong, resilient and supportive communities
  • valuing and protecting our built and natural environment
  • helping us live longer, healthier lives
  • reducing environmental impact

How do I join?

The guidance page shows you how to join the network. If you are already a member, please sign in here.

For more details on the Learning Network please contact:

Geraldine McAteer
Learning Network Co-ordinator
Scottish Centre for Regeneration
Scottish Government
Highlander House
58 Waterloo Street
Glasgow G2 7DA
Phone: 0141 305 4091
Mobile: 07798 850059

Lessons learned 2009 - 2011

A briefing paper captures the lessons from the three main priorities agreed for the network:

  • connecting housing with wider regeneration and community planning
  • improving the understanding about the importance of place-making
  • identifying new funding and delivery models

>> read the briefing paper