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Challenge Fund - Successful bids

Surface Water Management, Green Infrastructure and Placemaking workshop

Type of project: event
Date: November 22, 2012
Organisation: Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Contact: Neil McLean / Neil.McLean@IRRI.org.uk / 0141 229 7746

Delegates will learn the legal requirements of surface water management, and how, with careful design and planning, this can be merged with other requirements and benefits to the greater advantage of the location and more importantly, the community as a whole. 

In addition, delegates will be encouraged to achieve virtual cost savings and to establish long term management plans to maintain quality of the site throughout its life. 

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Better Places: Design and delivery seminar

Type of project: event
Date: February 8, 2013
Organisation: Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership
Contact: Max Hislop / max.hislop@gcvgreennetwork.gov.uk / 0141 229 7747

A one day seminar for professionals involved in the design and delivery of new developments and regeneration projects across Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. Delegates will hear about the Partnership's projects to integrate green infastructure into the built environment. There will also be opportunities to question and discuss these ideas.

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Access to renewable technology for individuals and communities in fuel poverty in rural areas

Type of project: research
Organisation: Highlands Birchwoods
Contact: Chris Perkins / chris.perkins@highlandbirchwoods.co.uk / 01463 811630

Highland Birchwoods will investigate potential advantages of access to renewable energy technology for groups who tend towards fuel poverty. The study will also identify some of the barriers to those same groups accessing renewable energy technologies.

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Pellet fuel supply research

Type of project: research
Organisation: The Highland Council
Contact: Hilary Parkey / hilary.parkey@highland.gov.uk / 01463 702859

The project will research wood pellet supply in order to develop understanding about supply routes, markets, supplier and householder needs and options for overcoming barriers.

Social benefits of infrastructure investment conference

Type of project: event
Date: March 2013
Organisation: SURF
Contact: Andy Milne / andymilne@scotregen.co.uk / 0141 585 6848

The conference will explore the nature and extent of the links between infrastructure investments and the social outcomes that are conventionally claimed to arise from them.

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Rural Housing Service conference

Type of project: event
Date: 22 February 2013
Organisation: Rural Housing Service
Contact: Derek Logie / derek@ruralhousingscotland.org / 01620 248002

The RHS conference is the premier housing conference held in Scotland. It has a strong track record of highlighting new approaches to rural development and innovative funding opportunities.

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Welfare reform: Being prepared

Type of project: learning network
Organisation: Scottish Housing Best Value Network (SHBVN)
Contact: Angela Currie / angela.currie@shbvn.org / 0131 2405227

SHBVN will extablish a practitioners forum for social landlords in Scotland. The funding will also support the production of two guides:

  • Preparing for welfare reform - a clear set of activities for landlords
  • Welfare reform mitigation - activities that landlords can undertake to protect themselves and their tenants from the impacts of welfare reform

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IMBY and IMBY Plus

Type of project: pilot
Organisation: Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS)
Contact: Lynn Wilson / lynn@planningaidscotland.org.uk / 0131 2209732

PAS will pilot two seminars for children and young people designed to develop a greater understanding of their unique perspective on their homes and communities.

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Community-led regeneration knowledge and skills transfer

Type of project: study visits
Organisation: Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS)
Contact: Ian Cooke / ian@dtascot.org.uk / 0131 2202456

DTAS will encourage and support their community organisation members to visit other projects/organisations to find out more about different aspects of community led regeneration. The funding will provide small grants to cover the costs of travel and other expenses.

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Small community run facilities finance tool

Type of project: financial tool
Organisation: Scottish Business in the Community (SBC)
Contact: Frances Donnelly / francesdonnelly@sbcscot.com / 0131 4511100

SBC will develop a simple to use financial guide and spreadsheet tool designed to produce finance reports that can inform decision making and also feed into returns for the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

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Measuring and managing regeneration performance of Scotland's towns

Type of project: performance management system
Organisation: Action for Market Towns (AMT) and Scotland's Towns Partnership (STP)
Contact: Chris Wade / chris.wade@towns.org.uk / 01284 756567

The project will develop and test a measuring and management system for monitoring the performance of regeneration activity in Scotland's towns.

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'Doing it for ourselves' - Learning from Our Place and related programmes in the UK

Type of project: learning network
Organisation: Community Renewal
Contact: Bob Marshall / bob@communityrenewal.org.uk / 0141 6321083

Community Renewal will create a learning network to draw on the experience and continuing development of Big Lottery Our Place (Scotland) and related programmes.

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Changing towns together: The process and impacts of a collaborative cross-generational approach to transforming places

Type of project: research
Organisation: Space Unlimited
Contact: Heather Sim / heather@spaceunlimited.org / 0141 4241403

Space Unlimited will undertake a piece of action research to examine community-led regeneration. The process will generate narrative accounts of the real highs, lows and everyday dilemmas of a collaborative change process. This will highlight learning from what hasn't worked as expected, as well as from the successes.

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Community placemaking: Investigating the impact and sharing the learning

Type of project: research/learning network
Organisation: Greenspace Scotland
Contact: Elaine Gibb / elaine.gibb@greenspacescotland.org.uk / 01786 465934

The funding will support 'post-hoc' evaluation of the community placemaking projects that Greenspace Scotland has supported since 2005. The project will capture and share the learning from these and bring together and support a peer learning network of community placemakers.

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Scotland's Town Conference: Creating new stories for Scotland's towns

Type of project: event
Date: September 28, 2012
Organisation: Scotland's Towns Partnership (STP)
Contact: Elaine Bone / elaine@scotlandstowns.org / 0844 5449479

The funding will contribute to the development and delivery of the 2012 Scotland's Towns Conference. The conference was an opportunity to learn, promote and support the creation of new stories for Scotland's towns.

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