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The Scottish Centre for Regeneration, is responsible for helping to transfer knowledge and experience across a wide range of people working in community regeneration. These include managers, staff, volunteers, community representatives and elected members. We are keen to ensure that everyone involved is given the additional knowledge and skills required to work together as effectively as possible. With that in mind, we commissioned two pieces of research. The first was carried out by Glasgow University and led to the development of the community regeneration skills framework that forms the backbone of this pack. Creating a Learning Landscape: a Skills Framework for Community Regeneration was first published in September 2004.

People working in regeneration welcomed the skills framework enthusiastically. We decided to build upon it by developing a set of tools that would help individuals and organisations working in community regeneration to be
able to identify current skill levels and find ways of meeting their learning needs. The second piece of research, carried out by Peoplematters (Europe) Ltd, led to the development of this skills pack.