Commonwealth Games Athletes' Village

Commonwealth Games

Glasgow City Council

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village, Glasgow

Value: £5.9 million (approx)

The contract involved a programme of remedial work in preparation for the development of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village. The site identified for the village was a mix of residential, industrial and open spaces with significant areas of vacant land. There were approximately 859 households with a population of 1,600 in the immediate area.
The works involved site clearance to allow the selective excavation of around 140,000m³ of contaminated soils and materials from various areas across 33 hectares of the proposed site, with the majority being processed and treated on site to permit its reuse. Approximately 100,000m³ of the material underwent soil washing using a bespoke plant assembled and operated by VHE specifically for this contract.

The soil washing process is a sustainable remediation option, taking place on site and resulting in very little material requiring to go to landfill and minimising lorry movements; it thus reduces cost and carbon footprint.
Treatment of invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed was also undertaken during the works. VHE also employed archaeology specialists to inspect, identify and record any historical structures expected to be uncovered by the remediation works.