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Q&A on the Fairer Scotland Fund

Q. What is the Fairer Scotland Fund?

A. The Fairer Scotland Fund (FSF) helps Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) to regenerate disadvantaged communities, tackle poverty by helping vulnerable people and groups and overcome barriers to employment.

Q. What are the guiding principles underpinning the fund?

A. The principles are as follows:

  • a clear focus on investment to address the causes of poverty, not its symptoms;
  • a strong emphasis placed on making early interventions for vulnerable individuals, families and disadvantaged communities;
  • promotion of joint working between local partners;
  • focused action on improving employability as a key means of tackling poverty;
  • empowering communities and individuals to influence and inform the decisions made by CPPs.

Q. What funds did the Fairer Scotland Fund replace on 1 April 2008?

A. The funds below have been replaced.

  • Community Regeneration Fund
  • Community Voices Fund
  • Working for Families
  • Workforce Plus
  • More Choices More Chances
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Changing Children's Services Fund

Q. How much is the Fairer Scotland Fund worth?

A. £145m per year from 2008/09 until 2010/11. It is ring-fenced within the Local Government Settlement until March 2010.

Q. How is the fund being used locally?

A. CPPs have the freedom to use the FSF to tackle local issues related to poverty and disadvantage in the most effective way in order to meet their priority outcomes.

Q. How much does each CPP receive?

A. Allocations of the fund were informed by objective evidence of levels of need in each area, using the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2006 and took into account both concentrations of multiple deprivation and patterns of individual deprivation. In this way we have ensured that each area receives significant funding which will allow them to make a real difference to those most in need.

Q. Can I apply to the Scottish Government for funding?

A. No. The fund is allocated to CPPs and it is for them to decide how they wish to allocate resources locally to meet their priority outcomes.

Q. Can I apply to my local authority for funding?

A. You should speak to your local CPP to determine how they are allocating their share of the FSF and whether your project would be considered for funding.

Q. How will the effectiveness of the FSF be monitored?

A. The achievements of key outcomes will be tracked through Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs). Through SOAs, over time we expect to see evidence emerge of positive change and meaningful community involvement and empowerment. Guidance explaining Minister's priorities for the FSF and the link to Single Outcome Agreements was issued to CPPs in February 2008.

Guidance on SOAs for 2009/10, including information on the FSF was issued to CPPs in October 2008. It will be available shortly on the Scottish Government website.

Q. What is the Scottish Government's role?

A. The Scottish Government has set the overall aims and the guiding principles and will support all partners working towards key outcomes by sharing best practice from across Scotland through the development of a learning network.