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Information about the Fairer Scotland Fund

The Scottish Government is committed to working with local government and others to address the social and economic disparities that exist between our most deprived communities, entire local authority areas and the rest of Scotland.

This commitment is underlined in the Scottish Government's joint policy statement with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA), Equal Communities in a Fairer Scotland and the resulting action plan.

As part of this planned approach the Fairer Scotland Fund (FSF) has been rolled-up into all local authorities general revenue funding for 2010-11. Local authorities and their community planning partners have been given the autonomy to use their combined resources to accelerate progress in tackling individual poverty and high levels of multiple deprivation in our communities.

Following ring-fence removal, it will be the decisions taken on investment of community planning partners' mainstream resources that will deliver change for our most disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals. Local authorities and their community planning partners need to work with local people to decide how these mainstream services and budgets can best make a difference in tackling this persistent challenge.

Progress on the delivery of outcomes will be monitored through Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs), with the next round of reporting due in Autumn 2010.

Further information

Recent research on the implementation of the FSF and future support needs in tackling multiple deprivation in the context of SOAs was published on November 10, 2009. Case studies from eight Community Planning Partnerships are included:

Copies of all 2009-10 SOAs can be found on the Improvement Service website.

Contact details for all 32 local authority can be found on the Directgov website.