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Community Funds

How to find a grant for your community group

The Scottish Government has a range of funding programmes to support community-led regeneration and community empowerment. Below is a list of Scottish Government funds available to community organisations, with links to further information.

 People & Communities Fund

The People and Communities Fund (PCF) supports community anchor organisations to grow and strengthen by delivering outcomes to meet and respond to the aspirations of their communities.

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust (Scotland)

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust enables community-led regeneration by recognising that strong, engaged and empowered communities are vital to the future of fragile coalfield areas.

Communities & Renewables Energy Scheme (CARES) : Infrastructure & Innovation Fund

The CARES: Infrastructure and Innovation Fund offers grant funds for communities to investigate and develop projects that link local energy generation with local energy use, or projects that develop innovative distribution network connections.

Community Broadband Start-Up Fund



The Community Broadband Start-Up Fund is intended to help communities with the costs involved in establishing local community-led projects to access superfast broadband services – where projects can demonstrate local need and demand, and the capacity to make it happen at a reasonable cost.

Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund                                       

The purpose of the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund is to contribute to a shift away from single occupancy car use, a reduction in carbon emissions and an improvement in wellbeing of communities across Scotland by enabling more people to have more opportunities to cycle. The aim is to assist local groups to achieve these outcomes in their own communities through innovative new ways of utilising and increasing cycling.

Communities  & Families Fund


The Communities and Families Fund is a grants programme funded jointly by the Scottish Government and the Big Lottery Fund in Scotland. The fund will support local projects that help families and communities give children the best start in life.

Scottish Land Fund


The Scottish Land Fund is designed to support rural communities to become more resilient and sustainable through the ownership and management of land and land assets. It will provide practical support and funding to enable local people to work together to develop their ideas and aspirations and plan and complete viable land and land assets acquisition projects.

 Volunteering Support Fund


The Volunteering Support Fund is open to support third sector organisations to create new volunteering projects; increase the diversity of their volunteers (especially those experiencing disadvantage); and improve opportunities, skills and personal development through volunteering.

The fund will also help organisations enhance their services and improve their capacity to deploy, support and train volunteers. Organisations with an annual income of under £250,000 can apply, although priority will be given to those with an income under £100,000.

 Enterprise Ready Fund



The Enterprise Ready Fund makes grants of up to £50,000 to enterprising third sector organisations in Scotland to support new and emerging social enterprises; development in existing organisations for change or innovation; or those entering new markets or developing new products.



Sportsmatch is an award scheme that supports grassroots sport projects that encourage participation at community level, especially youth groups. Awards start at a minimum of £500 and go up to £10,000 per project.

Sports Facilities Fund

The Sport Facilities Fund covers the provision or upgrading of all facilities for the general community. In the main, proposals will be led by local authorities, clubs, trusts and the like. Projects need to demonstrate that any proposed development is for the public good and will provide equitable opportunities for increased sports participation by the community at local level.

Bus Operators Service Grant


The aim of BSOG is principally to benefit passengers. It does this by helping operators to keep their fares down and enabling operators to run services that might not otherwise be commercially viable thus contributing to the maintenance of the overall bus network. It also contributes to the operation of Community Transport organisations allowing people who cannot make use of conventional bus services to access local services.

Community Seedcorn Fund

The Community Seedcorn Fund directly supports the delivery of the Scottish Forestry Strategy outcomes and objectives including improving health and well-being of people and their communities, assisting community participation, enhancing opportunities for health and enjoyment and contribute to growth in learning and skills

The funding aims to support groups and organisations to encourage and support greater use of woods by people to derive health, well-being and community benefits.

Learning Networks Challenge Fund


The Learning Networks Challenge Fund is a twice-yearly bidding round for small grants to support or sponsor events, best practice sharing, research or other learning network related activities.

The fund will support the learning network model and is oriented towards the achievement of the Scottish Government’s housing and regeneration outcomes:

  • A well-functioning housing system
  • High quality, sustainable homes
  • Homes that meet people's needs
  • People live in socially, physically and economically sustainable communities.
Other Useful Links

BIG Lottery in Scotland gives out millions of pounds from the National Lottery to community groups and projects that improve health, education and the environment.

Business Improvements District (BIDs) – deliver a sustainable financial model to local businesses who have voted to invest collectively in local improvements.

COSLA. The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities represents Scottish local government, lobbying on behalf of its members.

Sportscotland is the lead agency for the development of sport in Scotland. This site provides further information on core funding avenues for the development of sports facilities.

Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) Development Fund aims to tackle environmental dereliction. The fund provides support for projects that enhance the natural environment and improve access to high quality greenspace in Scotland.

Historic Scotland provides £12m annually through its grant programmes to support heritage related projects; including three specific funding streams which aim to help deliver regeneration outcomes – the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS), the City Heritage Trusts and the Building Repair Grant.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is a national body for Scotland's charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.