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Area 2-H (South)
Planning & Architecture Division,
The Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

Scottish Government Planning & Architecture Division – Introductory Events

One of the aims of Delivering Planning Reform (published October 2008) was to increase the efficiency of the planning system through increased co-operation between stakeholders.

The Scottish Government Planning and Architecture Division seeks to promote a wider, shared, understanding of initiatives and policy work being carried out and hosts these introductory sessions to help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the role of the SG in planning.

Feedback from previous sessions indicates that attendees have benefitted from:-

  • Improved planning knowledge on a range of topics
  • Meeting other stakeholders attending the sessions and sharing experiences
  • Discussing specific issues Improved confidence in their role and enthusiasm for planning
  • Obtaining direct points of contact with Planning & Architecture staff
  • Sharing their learning with colleagues on return to the office
  • A better general understanding of how national Government works

What does the event involve?

The 2 monthly sessions are open to anyone involved in, or with an interest in planning. Each session is, primarily, an overview of the key initiatives and areas of policy work within the Division, but questions and contributions based around personal experiences from the group are encouraged. Groups are restricted to no more than 12 to allow time for this informal and open discussion.


1 day events (Tuesday). Event availability in 2016:-

  • 19 April
  • 21 June
  • 23 August

Location: SG PAD, Area 2-H (South), Victoria Quay, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ.


Costs: The sessions are free to attend.  However, attendees will be required to cover their own costs of travel, accommodation, food and drink (there is access to the SG canteen in VQ).

Schedule: The day will, ordinarily, start around 9.30 and finish at around 16.30 with half an hour for lunch. Comfort breaks will be built into the schedule.


The list below provides an indication of the subjects that are covered. Any one event will be made up of some of these subjects, dependent upon the availability of speakers at that specific time.

  • SG planning purpose and overview from the Assistant Chief Planner
  • Development Planning
  • Planning Legislation
  • Planning Decisions
  • Planning Appeals
  • National Planning Framework
  • Scottish Planning Policy
  • Environmental Assessment/Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • ePlanning
  • Place Making

How to arrange a place on an event?

Simply contact the Scottish Government by emailing: chief.planner@gov.scot

Attendance will be confirmed by an email.  A finalised schedule will be forwarded shortly before the session.

Other information:

Confidentiality/Conflict of Interest: Matters may be discussed which should be treated as confidential. If you think a conflict of interest may arise, please advise so that it can be managed appropriately, e.g. not attending a specific session.

Email: Access to computers will not generally be provided at the events.

The events have proved to be popular.  If you are no longer able to attend, please advise us as soon as possible so the opportunity can be offered to others.