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Enabling Delivery of New Homes

polnoon 1National Planning Framework aims to facilitate new housing development, particularly in areas within our cities network where there is continuing pressure for growth, and through innovative approaches to rural housing provision.

House building makes an important contribution to the economy and to the creation of successful and sustainable places.  Planning can help to enable the delivery of new homes by providing a positive and flexible approach to development.  In particular, provision for new homes should be made in areas where economic investment is planned or there is a need for regeneration or to support population retention in rural and island areas.

The planning system should:

  • identify a generous supply of land for each housing market within the plan area to support the achievement of the housing land requirement across all tenures, maintaining at least a 5-year supply of effective housing land at all times;
  • enable provision of a range of attractive well-designed, energy efficient, good quality housing, contributing to the creation of successful and sustainable places; and
  •  have a sharp focus on the delivery of allocated sites embedded in action programmes, informed by strong engagement with stakeholders.

Further details on national planning policy in relation to planning for homes are set out in Scottish Planning Policy (SPP).