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Proposed NPF3

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Proposed NPF3

Proposed NPF3

Following consideration of the responses to the public consultation on the Main Issues Report (MIR) for NPF3, a Proposed NPF3 was laid in the Scottish Parliament on January 14, 2014.

Proposed NPF3 was supported by a number of documents, including:

The Proposed NPF3 was subject to Parliamentary scrutiny for a 60 day period. Four Parliamentary committees took written and oral evidence in January and February as part of their scrutiny of Proposed NPF3.

The Parlimaentary Committee's reports were published on March 14, 2014.

On March 18, 2014, the Scottish Parliament debated the committee reports and agreed that they, plus the Official Report of the debate, should form the Parliament’s response to Proposed NPF3. Having considered Parliament’s response to Proposed NPF3, an interim letter to the four committee conveners from Derek Mackay MSP was published in May 2014.


Main Issues Report

Main Issues Report (MIR) and Draft Framework consultation was available for public consultation between April 30, and July 23, 2013.

Over 550 responses were received to the Questionnaire – consultation questions for National Planning Framework

Published on October 28, 2013, the Analysis of Responses, independently undertaken by Craigforth, a Summary paper along with the NPF3 Consultation Responses are also available.

With funding from the Scottish Government, Young Scot undertook a survey of young people between the ages of 11 and 26 to obtain their views on the NPF3 Main Issues Report and draft SPP. Thanks go out to the over 500 respondents whose views were combined into the report.


National Planning Framework SEA Environmental Report

The Scottish Government has undertaken a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of NPF3 and the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), as required by the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.

SEA is undertaken to ensure that the environmental effects of plans, programmes and strategies, and reasonable alternatives to them, are identified and taken into account. The findings of the assessment are set out in an Environmental Report (official publication), which was published for public consultation alongside the Main Issues Report (official) for NPF3 and the Draft SPP (official).

The Scottish Government didn’t consider that the Environmental Report required formal updating at the Proposed Plan stage as relevant content had already been assessed and consulted on. However, in the interest of transparency, an Annex to the Environmental Report, which updates the SEA findings, was published.


Pre-MIR engagement

Written Responses
Written responses to the early consultation on NPF3 in late 2012 are available. A number of individuals and organisations submitted written responses to the early consultation on NPF3.

Mapped Responses
During the early engagement, we encouraged people to draw their own spatial strategy for NPF3. These maps were provided anonymously and were brought together and used to inform the development of the Main Issues Report.

Public Events
Consolidated reports from each of the six public events across Scotland are available.


National Developments

At the pre-Main Issues Report stage we received 242 formal proposals for national developments to be included in NPF3 and a further 400 proposals were identified from the mapped responses. Our analysis of these proposals is set out in the Report of Analysis of National Developments  The ‘Description of Proposed National Developments Document was published to provide further information about the potential national developments identified in the Main Issues Report. That information came from the national development proposers with an accompanying initial response form the Scottish Government.

The Full Analysis Table covers all of the proposals submitted at that stage.

The completed proposal forms are available. The ‘Call for National Developments’ was clear that national development proposal forms would be made public but we have withheld the names, contact details and signatures of individuals.

At the Main Issues Report Stage 140 proposals for national developments were made, 26 of which had not previously been proposed.


NPF2 Archive

National Planning Framework 2

NPF2 Monitoring Report