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Key Documents

Engagement in Development Plans

We want to ensure that communities are fully involved in the plan-making process.

The law provides for various statutory opportunities for people to get involved in development plans, and the expectation is that planning authorities will go beyond the statutory minimum.

Each planning authority and strategic development planning authority is required by law to prepare a Participation Statement, within their Development Plan Scheme (which is prepared at least annually) stating when, how and with whom consultation on the plan will take place, and the authority’s proposals for public involvement in the plan preparation process. It will set out the actions they intend to take to involve stakeholders in the preparation of the plan.

The main stage for engagement in the development plan is around the publication of the Main Issues Report.

Neighbours of sites that are to be included as proposals in the Proposed Plan must be notified by the planning authority.

On submitting their Plan to Scottish Ministers, planning authorities must include a Report of Conformity with their participation statement, setting out how they have carried out the community engagement they said they would do.


One route to greater stakeholder ownership of place-making is to adopt the highly successful design charrette method into development plan preparation, involving people and their aspirations in leading future development of places of which we can be proud.

We have supported this process for developments in a number of areas including Aberdeen, Callander, Girvan, Lochgelly, Dumfries, and Johnston.

The SSCI Charrette Mainstreaming Programme has been extended for a second year and charrette projects supporting the production of Local Development Plans have now taken place.

Engagement in SDPs

Architecture and Design Scotland has collaborated with Strategic Development Planning (SDP) Authorities to produce a video that invites greater citizen participation in plan making. The video is supported by a resource pack that includes a PowerPoint and leaflet; each of which can be downloaded, with hard copies available on request. The Scottish Government, the Strategic Development Planning Authorities, and A+DS hope that these resources will be used to initiate discussions about the hopes and ambitions that people have for their lives… in their place.

Collaborative working with Key Agencies

In March 2013, the Scottish Government, together with Heads of Planning Scotland and the Key Agencies Group issued short questionnaires to Scottish planning authorities and key agencies with the aim of taking stock of how well key agencies and planning authorities were collaborating in the preparation of development plans. A joint paper has been published which identifies the themes from the responses and identifies good practice for local authorities and key agencies working together preparing development plans.