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ePlanning.scot provides an easy-to-use way for you to complete and send in planning applications, notices of review, appeals and other permissions needed under planning law. It also allows you to attach relevant documents, buy and mark up a location plan and pay the application fee electronically.

The site guides you through the process, and your application is much more likely to be valid when it is received and checked by the planning authority. This will also speed up the overall process because it saves the planning authority time too.

Over 70% of all planning applications are now made online, as opposed to using traditional paper based postal applications.  This is increasing efficiency in delivery and enabling substantial savings to be made both by applicants and by planning authorities every time an application is made through the ePlanning portal.

A new home for ePlanning

ePlanning.scot was introduced in January 2016, replacing the ePlanning Scotland portal which had been in operation since 2009.  The change is securing the long-term future of the ePlanning service.  And it is the first phase of an expanding service under the banner of eDevelopment.scot.  On August 24, 2016 eBuildingstandards.scot will be launched and accessed through the eDevelopment.scot home page – a new single landing page leading to both the new eBuilding Standards service and also to the ePlanning service launched in January 2016.

There is a single eDevelopment.scot login process, so if you are already registered on ePlanning.scot, you will be able to use the same login details for eBuildingstandards.scot.

eDevelopment.scot     eBuilding Standards

Information Flyer - eBuilding Standards and eDevelopment

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