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Do you require planning permission?

Home improvement projects should be carefully considered. Time spent planning can save money. It can also ensure work is completed on time and as required. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the relevant statutory requirements are met. If the development fails to comply with relevant legislation, the owner is liable for any remedial action.

These charts provide guidance to assist you to decide if your development is permitted development for common projects.

Single storey ground floor extension – Class 1A

Ground floor extension of more than one storey – Class 1B

Construction or alteration of a porch – Class 1C

Alteration to a roof – Class 1D

Access ramp – Class 2A

Changes to the appearance of your house which are not an extension – Class 2B

Outbuildings: sheds, sun houses, greenhouses and garages – Class 3A

Other building work – Class 3B

Hard surface: paving, patios and driveways – Class 3C

Decking and raised platforms – Class 3D

Gates, fences and walls – Class 3F (This is in the process of being updated)

Flats – Class 4A


These charts are not definitive and are for guidance only. If in doubt, please contact your planning authority.

With all building work, the owner of the property (or land) in question is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant planning rules and building regulations.