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Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group

The Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group is a Scottish Government initiative set up to develop a vision for the eradication of fuel poverty in Scotland. Its main output will be a report outlining a new fuel poverty strategy including recommendations on targets, scrutiny and delivery, addressing all causes of fuel poverty. Given the new opportunities afforded by the National Infrastructure Priority and the development of the Scottish Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP), a particular focus should be shaping the design of SEEPS in terms of fuel poverty interests. It will also discuss the potential use of new devolved powers and what other policies or regulation would complement a fuel poverty programme, for example regulating for minimum standards of energy performance.

This is a ‘short life’ independent working group which will last for no more than one year. The working group is chaired by Professor David Sigsworth and has 12 members.

To achieve its aims, the group has split into four sub-groups which will discuss the following:

a) Definition of fuel poverty; use of new powers

b) Innovative and collaborative approaches; funding models

c) Mitigating the cost of energy

d) Behaviour change, ongoing support and monitoring.

Stakeholders are welcome to contribute to the topics highlighted for discussion at scheduled meetings. Please submit your thoughts using the template to Christine.mcarthur@eas.org.uk

Minutes of Previous Meeting


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