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Scottish Housing Benefit Changes

The UK Government intends introducing measures to reduce Housing Benefit expenditure - as set out in the June 2010 Budget and the October 2010 Spending Review. This page contains material that considers the impact of these measures on households in Scotland and on Scottish housing policy.

Housing Benefit Change Documents Description Publication Date Source

One UK Government justification for the various reforms that are being implemented to housing benefit is that expenditure needs to be brought under control as the housing benefit bill in Great Britain approximately doubled over a decade and this was unaffordable. This paper examines the application of this claim as to a lack of affordability in Scotland.

19 November 2013

Scottish Government

 This paper presents the first evidence for Scotland on the actual number of households in social housing whose benefit has been reduced because they are deemed to under occupy their property.  The paper provides a brief background to the housing benefit changes, describes the recent survey on which this evidence is based and provides updated estimates of the numbers and key characteristics of households affected.


27 June 2013 Scottish Government
This paper provides an analysis of the impact of planned housing benefit changes in Scotland.  It focuses on the number of disabled households afffected by the under-occupation penalty.  22 February 2013 Scottish Government

From April 2013, the UK Government will introduce a benefit cap.  This paper examines some of the impacts of this on Scottish households

19 February 2013 Scottish Government CASD

Impact of Planned Housing Benefit Changes in Scotland.

13 December 2012

Scottish Government CASD

This paper contains analysis for Scotland of Phase 1 of DWPs investigation into the impact of housing benefit reform on the private rental sector and compliments this analysis with an examination of recent changes in housing benefit claims in Scotland.

18 October 2012

Scottish Government CASD

Responses by councils in Spring 2012 to a proforma asking about the effects of the housing benefit reforms to date and any key actions taken to mitigate these.

27 September 2012

Scottish Government CASD

Analysis of the economic impact of the under-occupancy penalty for social housing stock including analysis of the initial proposed Lords Amendment.

6 March 2012

Scottish Government CASD

This paper considers the impact of changes to housing benefit on households in Scotland who currently rely on housing benefit to meet their rent.

17 May 2011

Scottish Government CASD

Evidence of Supply of Shared Accommodation in Scotland: Update June 2011. 10 June 2011

Scottish Government CASD

Evidence of the Impact in Scotland of Increasing Shared Accommodation Rate Age Threshold: Analysis Updated at June 2011. 10 June 2011

Scottish Government CASD

This paper considers the impact on the 2012 homelessness commitment of the April 2011 changes to Housing Benefit.

18 March 2011

Scottish Government CASD

This is the analysis of the issues raised by the planned penalty for under occupation.

18 March 2011 Scottish Government CASD

From January 2012 single people without dependants aged 25 to 34 entitled to Local Housing Allowance will have their benefit restricted to rent for a room in shared accommodation. At present single people in this age group are entitled to rent for 1 bedroom accommodation. This paper looks at the availability of shared accommodation to house those affected.

9 November 2011 Scottish Government CASD

This paper examines how the 2012 homelessness modelling may be adjusted to take account of the Housing Benefit Changes.

18 March 2011 Scottish Government CASD

This paper considers the proportion of shared private rented accommodation occupied by students in order to allow a clearer picture of pressures in the sector.

22 March 2011 Scottish Government CASD

These tables show the breakdown of housing benefit claimants in the PRS by passported benefit. This is based on the July 2010 HB Caseload.

22 March 2011 Scottish Government CASD