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Home Owners with Mortgage Difficulties

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The Scottish Government has put in place measures to help homeowners who find themselves in financial trouble and cannot afford to pay their mortgage. The measures range from funding for the advice sector to increased legislative protection for those at risk of losing their home. Below is an outline of options to consider if you are finding it difficult to pay your mortgage. Advice is also available on the Keeping your Home website.

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Advice and Assistance

It is important that borrowers having difficulty making payments seek financial advice as early as possible.

Home Owners' Support Fund

The Home Owners' Support Fund allows home owners having difficulty paying their mortgage to remain in their home in certain circumstances.

UK Mortgage Support Schemes

There are a number of UK-wide support schemes available to help home owners in financial difficulty.

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Court Processes

Under the Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act 2010, lenders must fulfil certain requirements before seeking a court order.

Legal Aid

Need legal advice? You may be eligible for legal aid to help towards legal expenses.

Repossessions Policy

The Scottish Government continues to work to ensure that those at risk of losing their home are given adequate protection. Find out more about our policies.

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