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Home Report Documents for Industry Professionals

The Home Report contains a Single Survey, an Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire. Regulations prescribe the information that must be included in these documents and their general format. Examples can be accessed below. The Scottish Government's logos should not be included in these documents as the logos are only for use on Scottish Government materials.

The Single Survey gives sellers detailed information about the condition and value of a home before it is marketed for sale. It also gives buyers better information about the condition and value of a home before they make an offer to purchase.

The Single Survey includes an accessibility audit that will make Scotland the first country to require that the accessible features of every home for sale are highlighted to potential buyers. This information will benefit parents with young children and older people, as well as disabled people.

Download an example of a Single Survey

The Energy Report gives a home's energy efficiency rating and its environmental impact in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

It recommends ways to improve the building's energy efficiency and gives contact details for further advice and information about how to make a home more energy efficient and save fuel costs. The Energy Report helps home buyers to make 'green' choices, by comparing energy costs between homes and giving practical advice to reduce carbon emissions and save on energy bills.

Download an example of an Energy Report

The Property Questionnaire contains information for home buyers, solicitors and surveyors.

It would include, for example: a home's council tax band, parking facilities, factoring arrangements, any local authority notices that affect it and alterations that have been made to the home.

This information will be useful for buyers before they decide whether to submit an offer to purchase a home. The Property Questionnaire will also reduce the risk of delay and difficulties in conveyancing.

Download an example of a Property Questionnaire