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Business Decisions

The table below summarises business issues and decisions that selling agents may wish to consider.

Commissioning of Home Reports Option to charge potential house buyers for copy Home Reports Staffing / office issues Terms of Business

Will you prepare Home Reports 'in-house' or out source them to a Home Report provider?

Which chartered surveyors will be used, bearing in mind your selling client's wishes?

Who in your firm will commission the Home Report documents?

Do the surveyors wish to see the Property Questionnaire before undertaking the survey? How will you organise that?

Will you add any additional information e.g. timber specialist reports / estimates, to the Home Report? How will you do this?

Do you want to charge potential house buyers for copy Home Reports?

Charging may deter spurious requests for copy Home Reports.

Does your seller want you to charge potential buyers?

Will the cost of copies deter buyers?

If you do decide to charge, what is 'the reasonable cost of making and, if requested, sending a paper copy' of the documents? (the maximum sum the legislation allows).

If you do charge, how will you collect the money…

a. in your office - handling cheques / cash (and change)

b. via the website(s) on which you market the house?

And how will you record that payment has been made?

What are your competitors doing about the option to charge? Need to balance the issues in making your decision.

Who in your office will discuss the Home Report with the seller?

How will you make Home Reports available? Paper copies or also via internet? Will you print paper copies on demand or store them? Where will you store them? Can your server handle the download requirements?

What office / internet system will you use to record contact details of recipients of Home Reports?

How will you ensure that you meet the (maximum) 9 day requirement to provide copy Home Reports?

How will you track any changes made to the Home Report documents?

How will you ensure your staff understand and comply with your office system for Home Reports?

How will your staff handle queries from buyers about Home Reports?

With surveyors / Home Report providers…

What terms and timescales are being offered for delivery of the survey?

What terms are being offered to update the survey if this is needed?

With sellers…

Payment arrangements with the seller for the Home Report.

With whom does the seller have the contract for the Home Report?

Arrangements in the event that the seller decides not to market their house.

Arrangements in the event that the seller withdraws their house after a period of marketing.

With buyers…

Upon what terms will you provide copy Home Reports to potential buyers?