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Tenant Rights

Scottish Secure Tenancy

Tenants of local authorities and housing associations (known as Registered Social Landlords) will have a Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST) in most cases.  The SST provides a number of statutory rights including:

  • security of tenure;
  • right to apply for a joint tenancy;
  • rights of succession;
  • ability to assign your tenancy, exchange or sublet your house;
  • right to repair;
  • rights to compensation for improvements;
  • rights to information and consultation.
Short Scottish Secure Tenancy

Some tenants will have a short Scottish Secure Tenancy agreement, which can be given in limited circumstances. Tenants with a short SST has have the same rights as under the Scottish Secure Tenancy except that:

  • there is no right to buy;
  • there is no provision for succession; and
  • security of tenure is limited.

In addition, rights to assign, sublet etc. are limited to the period of the short SST.

Further information and guidance

The Scottsh Government has developed model tenancy agreements for the SST and Short SST. These aim to support social landlords in developing their tenancy agreements. However, individual tenancy agreements produced by landlords will also reflect local circumstances.