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Housing Strategy

Read our strategy and action plan for housing in the next decade.

Housing Act

The Housing (Scotland) Act will end the right to buy in Scotland, give social landlords more flexibility in the allocation and management of their housing stock and introduce a first-tier tribunal to deal with disputes in the private rented sector. It will also give local authorities new discretionary powers to tackle disrepair in the private rented sector, introduce a new regulatory framework for letting agents in Scotland, modernise site licensing for mobile homes sites with permanent residents, place new requirements on private sector landlords to fit carbon monoxide detectors in properties with carbon-emitting appliances and to carry out electrical safety checks every five years.

Provisions ending the right to buy come into effect on 1 August 2016. A registered social landlord must now consult its tenants before the landlord becomes a subsidiary of another body.

Home Report

We offer information for house buyers and sellers through the Home Report and help homeowners at risk of losing their homes through the Home Owners' Support Fund.

Private Renting

We encourage a thriving private rented sector, which provides good quality and well-managed accommodation, and in which both landlords and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities.

Innovative Finance

Increasingly limited public finances and resources have reduced what can be achieved through traditional funding. We are maintaining Scotland’s leadership in financial innovation and continuing to work creatively with our partners to create and enable innovative ways to deliver more for less public investment.

The National Housing Trust initiative, the first guarantee-based scheme for housing in the UK, showed how public and private sectors can, with strong leadership, support, incentives and collaboration, achieve transformative results.

We also broke new ground as the first national government in the UK to invest in an ethical financial instrument, charitable bonds. Scottish Government loan investment of £37 million by 2016 will generate charitable donations of up to £10 million, supporting housing associations to provide up to 600 new affordable homes across Scotland.

We continue to find creative and ground-breaking ways to make the most of Financial Transactions, allocated to the Scottish Government by HM Treasury with particular rules about their use. We made announcements about our spending plans for the financial year 2015–2016, with more to follow.



All those assessed as unintentionally homeless by local authorities are entitled to settled accommodation as a legal right.

Fuel Poverty

Warmer Homes Scotland helps vulnerable people make their homes warmer and more comfortable by installing a range of energy saving measures.