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Construction Procurement Manual

Note: The Construction Manual requires review and update in light of new legislation. While it reflects the general process, references to specific legislation and templates may no longer be current.


A single source of mandatory guidance which draws together the key policy principles and procedures to be followed by those who are responsible for managing or delivering construction projects, (either in one of the specific Client roles or in providing Clients with support and advice).


The Construction Procurement Manual is regularly reviewed and updated to take account of feedback from users and guidance available from other sources. The 'screen' version should be regarded as the current version.


The Manual is mandatory throughout the Scottish Government, its Associated Agencies and all other public bodies which are subject to the Scottish Public Finance Manual (further details are in the Scottish Public Finance Manual Introductory Note).


The Construction Procurement Manual aims to:

  • disseminate good practice in public sector procurement, including guidance on roles and responsibilities, procurement strategies and the process for appointing consultants and contractors, health and safety, design quality, sustainability and fire protection
  • deliver value for money, good governance and sound financial management
  • achieve compliance with national and international obligations including EC Procurement Directives
Just Ask!

Assembling the right Team with the appropriate skills and experience is critical to the successful outcome of all programmes and projects. The Construction Procurement Manual should be supplemented with appropriate professional advice when required. If you are unsure of the complexity/scale of the project that you are undertaking please contact us.


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