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Scotland's Housing Expo

Scotland's Housing Expo, Inverness - 1 - 31 August 2010

Scotland's Housing Expo was open to the public throughout August 2010 and received more than 33,000 paying visitors. The Expo was organised by The Highland Council with the Highland Housing Alliance and was supported by The Scottish Government and a range of other bodies with an interest in sustainable housing design. More that 3000 people worked on building the project on site after the worst winter for 30 years. This unique development contains a mix of 52 competition-winning houses of different types and sizes which is now beginning to be occupied. Some of the houses have been built for Housing Associations and the others are now for sale. The Expo showcased pioneering ideas in innovative, sustainable housing and there were a wide range of related activities and events organised as part of the Expo which were of interest to young people and anyone who has any interest in how we live now or will live in the future, as well as seminars, talks and workshops aimed at those involved in housing design and construction.

The Scottish Government is currently looking at possible ways for building on the achievements of the Expo. More details can be found at: http://scotlandshousingexpo.com/

A book recording the achievements of the Expo project has now been published and is available in hard copy format and at Scotland's Housing Expo 2010. The book illustrates and explains the buildings and landscaping layout showcased by the Expo and the background to the project.

Please follow the link to read the Executive Summary of the Review of the Housing Expo.