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Deepstone - Acknowledge Nigel Rigden





Simon Winstanley Architects
Private client
Portling, Dumfriesshire
Single house
The house is located on a steeply sloping former quarry in a National Scenic Area overlooking the Solway Firth in south west Scotland.
Saltire Housing Design Award 2009
GIA Residential Design Award 2009 – Commendation
Scottish Design Awards 2010 – Residential Commendation
Roses Design Awards 2010 – Shortlisted
Simon Winstanley

  Working with the
  Respect the landscape setting
  and the traditional building
  patterns of the locality

  Responding to the
  Consider the immediate context
  and allow specific site conditions
  to influence design

  How to
be inspired 
  Inspirational ideas for
  sustainable, creative
  and innovative design

  • The living accommodation is contained within a lightweight, glazed ‘pavilion’ sitting on the solid plinth and is set back to reduce the mass of the house and its impact on the landscape.
  • The roof, although thick internally to provide very high levels of insulation, is cantilevered on all sides with projecting expressed Douglas fir rafters to give a thin, elegant leading edge with minimal impact on the landscape.
  • The house is conceived as a stone plinth, housing the bedrooms and garage, which echoes the exposed quarry face on the site.
  • A glazed pavilion is set back from the stone plinth forming an external terrace facing the sea.
  • The roof pitch follows the slope of the site to reduce the mass of the house and the resultant section provides an outward sea view and an upward view of the landscape behind the house.
  • The pavilion section and roof slope, with overhangs, are designed to passive solar principles suitable for the east facing site.
  • The design is energy efficient using a range of features including: a ground source heat pump to provide under-floor heating and hot water; a wood burning stove; super insulated walls, floor and roof;
    triple glazed windows with warm edge spacer bars, thermally broken frames and inert gas filled; and photovoltaic panels for micro generation of renewable electricity.
  • The pavilion is constructed with a steel frame and highly insulated timber panels clad in cedar with triple glazed windows.
  • The tiled floor with masonry surround to the stove are solar thermal stores.
  • The base is finished in stone from re-cycled quarry waste.

 Image © Nigel Rigden