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Policy Context

Designing Designing Streets

Scotland has two key design policy documents: 
1. Designing Places
2. Designing Streets


6 Qualities
Both documents expalin that successful places contain 6 qualities:

Six Qualities



Inspirational Designs

What is it?
Inspirational Designs forms part of The Scottish Government's agenda to promote good quality housing design and placemaking throughout Scotland. It is a 'live' resource that expands, over time, as more projects receive awards.

Why is it relevant?
To inspire! The exemplars have all been selected to inspire you about what has been built in Scotland and what is possible to achieve in the future. The overall aim is to make Scotland the best place that it can be.

Where did we find the exemplars?
As a starting point, we selected projects from a range of national and local design awards, which have either received a commendation or an award in the last few years.

How to use it?

You can search through the exemplars either via

Local Authority areas

or specific project types.

Scotland's Housing Expo

These logos identify which exemplars are part of the
Government design initiatives, such as the Scottish Sustainable
    Communities Initiative (SSCI) and Scotland's Housing Expo.