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Publications, Research & Reports

Designing StreetsDesigning Streets supports Designing Places and is the first policy statement in Scotland for street design. This marks a change in the emphasis of guidance on street design towards place-making and away from a system focused upon the dominance of motor vehicles.

As a result of research on policy implementation, a Designing Streets toolbox was created to help with specific tasks, guidance, street design and development processes.

Planning Advice Notes
PAN 67 - Housing Quality PAN 68 - Design Statements PAN 71 - Conservation Area Management PAN 72 - Housing in the Countryside PAN 77 - Designing Safer Places PAN 78 - Inclusive Design PAN 80 Fly-Posting  


PAN Description
Housing Quality PAN 67 (2003) To achieve improved layout and quality in new housing developments.
Design Statements PAN 68 (2003) To ensure that both applicants and planning authorities are clear about the preparation and structure of design statements that have a key role within the planning process.
Conservation and Area Management PAN 71 (2004) Identifies good practice for managing change, sets out a checklist for appraising conservation areas in Scotland, advice on funding and implementation.
Housing in the Countryside PAN 72 (2005) Advises that new developments in the countryside, if properly planned and sited, should contribute to the quality of landscape. It updates and replaces PAN 36.
Designing Safer Places PAN 77 (2006) To ensure that new development can positively create attractive, well-managed environments, deter or discourage antisocial and criminal behaviour. Supersedes PAN 4
Inclusive Design PAN 78 To identify the nature of problems experienced in designing environments.  describes the roles of different stakeholders in delivering inclusive design and the particular challenges of applying inclusive design to the historic environments.
Control and Management of Fly-posting PAN 80 (2006) Draws on research, existing initiatives and best practice to highlight how local authorities can effectively control and manage illegal poster advertising in both urban and rural areas.
Masterplanning PAN 83 to promote masterplanning to create better places that include quality environments, good transport connections and energy efficient homes. It explains how to achieve more consistency in the presentation of masterplans. Contains exemplar case studies.


Design Snapshot

Design SnapshotThis easy-read guide aims to reinforce the importance of urban design, with emphasis on its role within the planning and development process. Targeted to those who are new to the design process or have a limited knowledge of the subject.


Guidance Description


Masterplan: Idea to design

Design snapshot: summary

Picture book: the place at a glance

Scottish Sustainable
Communities Initiative

Ambition in the creation of places, designed and built to last, where a high quality of life can be achieved.
The Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative Report From June 2009, outlines the assessment process undertaken and summarises the submissions received.
Charrette Series Report Charrettes of 2010 where the projects of Ladyfield, Lochgelly and Grandhome were given the opportunity to develop masterplans, whilst enabling a new level of public engagement in placemaking.
SSCI Charrette Mainstreaming Programme Launched March 3, 2011, builds on the initial Charrette Series. A new programme aimed at mainstreaming this innovative approach to development in the built environment within design and planning practice.
The Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative - Two years on Launched on March 17, 2011, provides an overview of 11 exemplar projects and the approaches taken. It describes their achievements and challenges faced between 2009-11.
Green Infrastructure: Design and Placemaking From 2011, provides an overview of the policy context of Green infrastructure as well as setting out design issues and techniques to integrate this into placemaking.
Rural Design: Future landscapes brings together design initiatives which have been carried out in conjunction with Orkney Islands Council and Comhairlie nan Eilean Siar. Collaboration was agreed to (1) develop a new approach to design guide; (2) work on a kit house re-design exercise; and (3) provide masterplanning training. These projects demonstrate how sensitive design should be incorporated into successful rural place-making.
Delivering Better Places in Scotland From 2011, a practical guide looking at how different public bodies outside of Scotland have created and are sustaining better places. What we can learn.
Scotland's Housing Expo 2010 Records the achievements of the Inverness Expo, illustrates and explains the buildings and landscaping built, as well as describing the reasons for and history of the project.


Research & Reports
Title Link
The Value of Design in the Built Environment (Scotland)(Nov 2013) A research paper which was commissioned by Building Standards Division  to provide an analysis of how design ‘value’ is handled in the development process in Scotland.
How Designing Streets policy is being implemented across Scotland (2013) Research report and the case studies
A Mapping Survey of Non-Technical Research on the Social Value and Benefits of Good Architectural Design (2003)

Summary Research Findings Report
Full Report

A Survey of Public Awareness of the Built Environment (2004) Summary Research Findings Report
Full Report
A Survey of the building design professions' attitudes to the Policy on Architecture (2005)

Summary Research Findings Report
Full Report

A Literature Review of the Social, Economic and Environmental Impact of Architecture and Design (2006) Summary Research Findings Report 
Full Report

 Design at the Heart of House-Building: a survey of how private house developers conceive design and engage with design quality (2007)

Summary Research Findings Report
Full Report
A survey of guidance issued by local planning authorities in Scotland which may inhibit appropriate sustainable design solutions (2011)  Full report



Archive Documentation


Building our Legacy: Statement on Scotland's Architecture Policy Published by the then Scottish Executive, February 2007.
A Policy on Architecture for Scotland: Progress Report Describes progress on these commitments and provided a review of priorities and objectives from 2005.
A Policy on Architecture for Scotland Scotland's first national Architecture Policy (2001), setting out 40 government commitments intended to help raise awareness of the value of good building design; to promote recognition of the importance of architecture to the cultural life of Scotland; and to seek improvements in the quality of Scotland's buildings and built environments

The Development of a Policy on Architecture for Scotland

1999 framework document and the subsequent public consultation and report on the consultation.