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Architecture and Place making in Government

The quality of the built environment affects everyone in Scotland.

The purpose of architecture and urban design is not only to meet our practical needs in housing, our activities, but also to improve the quality of life for the people of Scotland.

How buildings and places are made, the quality of their design and of the built environments they help shape, should be a matter of concern for us all.

The key challenges for creating a high quality built environment are to:

  • create successful, thriving and sustainable places and communities

  • deliver well-designed public buildings which are greener - and which represent good value for money

  • tackle the barriers to good quality development, through education, skills and advocacy

Creating Places

Scotland’s new architecture and place Policy statement Creating Places

Architecture and place microsite "creating Places".



Launch of a ‘Toolbox’ for Designing Streets

Designing streets creating places Designing Streets Toolbox has been created to help with specific tasks related to guidance, design or development processes of street design.




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