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Scots in Education

Afore re-organisin tae form the education agency, Education Scotland, baith Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) an Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) haed a wechty role tae play in the yiss o the Scots leid in the clessroom.  Follaein the formation o Education Scotland, the Scottish Government will ettle to mak siccar that this continues and that Education Scotland biggs on the wirk previously unnertaen by HMIE an LTS.

In Mairch 2011 the Meenister for Education and Lifelang Lairnin annoonced that Learning and Teaching Scotland would produce a new online resoorce, ‘Studying Scotland’, tae provide practitioners wi free access tae heich quality material for aw the Scottish elements o the curriculum sic as history, culture, leiterature, languages and mair.  The resoorce will ettle tae place Scots on an equal fittin wi the ither Scottish elements o the curriculum.  It will provide as weel consistency wi the jyned-up approach that Curriculum for Excellence requires.

We believe this offers significant potential for progress.  A Network o Scots Language Co-ordinators wad be an important step forrit in helpin tae secure the Scots leid.

As pairt o its repone tae the Scots Leid Wirkin Group Report, the Scottish Government agreed tae discuss wi Local Government colleagues and Scots leid interests the best wey tae implement the recommendation that a Network o Scots Leid Co-ordinators be established.  A Network o Scots Leid Co-ordinators wad play a role in uphauddin the new ‘Studying Scotland’ resource. The education agency, Education Scotland will hae a key role to play in the Network.

Scots in the Curriculum

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