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For the first time, the 2011 Census includit a speirin on the Scots leid.  Reponers wis askit tae state whether thay are able tae unnerstaun, spikk, read or scrieve Scots. 

The repones gaithert will provide valuable wittens on the Scots leid athort Scotland and haes the potential to help policy development in this area.   It wis important tae gie a heeze tae awaurness of the quaistion tae mak siccar that the fowk wi Scots leid abilities reponed appropriately.

In Septemmer 2010 the Meenister for Culture an External Affairs established a short life wirkin group tae identifee daeins that wad raise awaurness of the Scots leid quaistion in the 2011 Census.

Twa o the main dains unnertaen wis contributions tae briefin and lairnin for GROS census staff bein providit by Michael Hance, Director, Scots Language Centre and the development o a wabsteid that alloued census responers tae hear examples o Scots fae thair ain airt.  Follaein its launch, the wabsteid received wide media coverage.  www.ayecan.com