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Cooncil o Europe Chairter

Cooncil o Europe Chairter for Regional an Minority Leids

The Chairter wis adoptit in 1992 by the Cooncil o Europe tae help proteck regional or minority leids and encourage thair yiss in education and in the media, in legal and administrative contexts, in economic and social life, in cultural activities and in ower-mairch exchanges.  The UK Government ratifeed the Chairter in 2001 in respeck o Welsh in Wales, Scots an Gaelic in Scotland and Ulster-Scots an Irish in Northern Ireland.  Manx Gaelic an Cornish wis subsequently eikit. Echt general principles o the Chairter, designed tae provide a supportive environment for minority leid development, wis ratifeed in respeck o Gaelic an Scots.

The unnertakkins ablow apply tae Scots:

  • Recognition o regional or minority leids as an expression o cultural walth.
  • Respeck for the geographical airt o ilka regional or minority leid.
  • The need for resolute action tae promote sic leids.
  • The facilitation an/or heezin o the yiss o sic leids, in speech and scrievin, in public and private life.
  • The provision o appropriate forms and means for the teachin and study o sic leids at aw appropriate stages.
  • The promotion o relevant transnational exchanges.
  • The prohibition o aw forms o unjustifeed distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference relatin tae the yiss of a regional or minority leid and intendit tae discourage or endanger its maintenance or development.
  • The promotion by states o mutual unnerstaunin atween aw the country’s linguistic groups.

Information on the Chairter can be funnd here http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/education/minlang/default_en.asp