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Scots Version


The Scots Leid is an integral pairt o Scotland’s kenspeckle culture an heirskip.  The leid comprises a wheen o sindrie regional and local variants whilk are spoken throuoot the country.  The Scottish Government attaches equal respeck tae ilka form whilk brings its ain walth and divairsity tae the leid.

Scots4               Scots5

As thir picters shaw, Scots is aa aroon us in wir hameower daeins an it is a furthie, feckfu pairt o Scottish culture the day. We hear it  on radio, televeision an ony place that fowk speaks tae aneanither. We read it in poetry an leiterature and see it in wittens an on signs.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Scots Language Centre.

Scots Text

Thir examples o Scots are frae information panels at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum:

Robert Burns’s fame stertit wee and raxed tae a gigantic bouk.  The popularity o his warks and the legend o his life hae alloued this process tae continue tae this day.  While ye are reading this, somebody, in some ither airt, is reading Burns for the very first time.

Here is jist a wee walin frae Robert’s buiks.  Frae early bairnhood he loved aw kinkind of buiks:  novels; collections of poems; religious screeds – even fermin text buiks.  Quotations and references are fund out-through his writin.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the RobertBurnsBirthplaceMuseum, Alloway.