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Scots Language Policy

Scots Language Policy

In 2010, a Ministerial Working Group on the Scots Language was established. The Group was convened with the remit of devising and presenting a vision for the development of Scots language, with realistic recommendations on how this vision may be achieved. They published their report in 2010, one of these recommendations was that 'the Scottish Government should develop a national Scots Language policy'.

Building on this, in 2011 the Scottish Government adopted key Manifesto Commitments, one of which sought to “develop a national Scots language policy”.

As a result of these commitments, the attached policy was officially launched in September 2015. This national Scots policy sets out the Scottish Government's position on the Scots language, its aims and objectives for Scots and the practical steps we will take to achieve these. It has been developed in co-operation with a number of key interests and will be reviewed periodically.

It is available here both in English and in Scots.

Next steps

The development of a policy is important and the Scottish Government wish to follow this up by doing 2 things.

Firstly, we will look to develop an Action Plan that will form an extension of the 'practical steps' section of the policy. This will involve consulting with relevant groups to look at what the Scottish Government can actively do to act in line with its policy.

Next, we will look to develop a Scots Language Plan. This Scots Language Plan will form an entirely separate document and will provide advice for local authorities and organisations on how they can readily incorporate Scots within their daily activity. It will also encourage local authorities to develop their own Scots language policies and provide advice on how these can be structured. This Plan will be developed in association with key stakeholders and will go to full public consultation.