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In March 2011 the Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning announced that Learning and Teaching Scotland would produce a new online resource, ‘Studying Scotland’, to provide practitioners with free access to high quality material for all the Scottish elements of the curriculum such as history, culture, literature, languages and more. The resource seeks to place Scots on an equal footing with the other Scottish elements of the curriculum and provides consistency with the joined-up approach that Curriculum for Excellence requires.

Education Scotland have an important role to play in the use of the Scots language in the classroom.   They have appointed a network of Scots Language Co-ordinators who will work with education authorities and schools to provide support in developing learning, teaching and assessment that provides progressive and coherent learning of the Scots languages across the four contexts of 3-18 learning

In 2013, SQA launched a new Award in Scottish Studies.  Although the award does not currently include specific Units on Scots, opportunities to study Scots are available within the Award and these are explicitly mentioned in both the Award and Unit Support Notes.  Following a period of consultation, SQA are developing Scots Units at SCQF Levels 3-6 which will be available to schools in 2014/15.

Scots (in all its forms) is also used as a context across a range of qualifications in not just English but also, for example, Music and Drama, and it is expected that some learners will use Scots as the main context when engaging with the new Award.

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