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Scots language

Scots Language

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The Scots language is an integral part of Scotland’s distinctive culture and heritage.  The language comprises a range of distinct regional and local variants which are spoken throughout the country.  The Scottish Government attaches equal respect to each form which brings its own richness and diversity to the language.

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As these images demonstrate, Scots is all around us in our everyday lives and is a vibrant part of current Scottish culture.  We hear it in conversation, on radio and television, we read it in poetry and literature and see it on posters and signs. 

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Scots Language Centre.

 Scots Text

These examples of Scots are from information panels at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum:

Robert Burns’s fame stertit wee and raxed tae a gigantic bouk.  The popularity o his warks and the legend o his life hae alloued this process tae continue tae this day.  While ye are reading this, somebody, in son either airt, is reading Burns for the very first time.

Here is jist a wee walin frae Robert’s buiks.  Frae early bairnhood he loved aw kinkind of buiks:  novels; collections of poems; religious screeds – even fermin textbuiks.  Quotations and references are fund out-through his writin.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway.